Aerial-51 807-HD heavy duty multiband dipole

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Similar to the concept of the 404-UL antenna the lightweight 807-HD off-center fed dipole antenna adds both 80/75m coverage and higher power handling capability than the smaller version. 

Up to 9 bands of coverage.  No tuner needed on 80/40/20/17/15/10 meters.  30/12/6m with antenna tuner.  600 watts power handling capability except for 30m max. 150 watts

807-HD uses strong CQ-532 wire for permanent or portable installations.  Same wire as used for Spiderbeam yagi antennas.  Stranded copper-clad steel wire with a breaking strength of 50 kg, and a Teflon-insulated SO-239 coax jack with gold contacts.  The hybrid balun at the feedpoint is potted with epoxy for better weather protection. 

The antenna uses a remote matching unit on the long side of the antenna to achieve resonance at a specific point on the 80/75m band.  This combination of balun and RMU optimizes resonance of the antenna on all bands, while assuring the antenna and feedline are not plagued with problems caused by common mode current as with other OCFD products.

There are 4 versions of RMU available with approximate resonant frequencies as displayed below
   - Region 1  (RMU-R1): 3.670 MHz
   - Region 2  (RMU-R2): 3.800 MHz
   - 75m Band (RMU-75): 3.880 MHz
   - CW/Digi  (RMU-CW): 3.570 MHz

Please indicate your choice of RMU version in the comment field when ordering.
Installation may be as ‘Inverted-V’ or ‘Flat-Top-Dipole’, but the balun and feedline should always be mounted to a support such as fiberglass pole, aluminum mast, or tree.  There is no specific required length of coax. 

Click here for technical data sheet including SWR curves for all bands covered

Click here for current version of the operating manual

Antenna length: approx. 40.8m (134 ft.)Antenna weight: only approx. 800g (1.5 lb.)