Aerial-51 404-UL 7 band lightweight dipole

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Model 404-UL is an ultra lightweight, asymmetrical dipole for operation on 7 or 8 HF bands.  It is constructed using very light, yet strong components.  All hardware is stainless steel.  The antenna radiator is made from CQ-534 insulated multi‐strand copper‐clad steel wire with 1mm outer diameter, which has very low wind load and weighs only 1 ounce yet still maintains a breaking strength of 22lbs. The antenna comes including 40ft light gauge coax attached which despite the low weight (only 6.5oz) shows only very modest losses (< 1dB on 40m, < 2dB on 10m). The ultra lightweight matching unit not only matches the coax to the antenna, it also provides excellent choking resistance to suppress common mode current.

Usable on 40, 20, 15, 10, 6m with SWR below 2.5:1 with no tuner.  17, 12m with autotuner.  200 watts SSB/CW power handling capability.  67 ft long.  Weight of antenna including the coax is only 15 ounces.

Read the manufacturer brochure by clicking here, includes SWR curves for all bands

Read the antenna operation manual by clicking here