Rotor adapter 80/50mm

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Our aluminum telescoping masts are rotated from the base of the mast rather than putting the weight of the rotator onto the mast itself.  Slip-ring guy hardware allows the entire mast and antenna to be rotated from the bottom. 

Keeping the rotator and rotator cable down on the ground reduces the weight and stress on top of the mast, and of course makes it a lot easier to push it up.

Most commercial rotators for Amateur Radio like Yaesu, Hy-Gain, etc. only accept mast diameters up to 54mm.  Our 33ft portable/ 33 ft HD / 41ft and 49ft aluminum telescopic masts have a bottom diameter of 70mm, which is the reason why we have designed this adapter piece.  Drill a hole through the bottom of your mast, insert the top 65mm part of the adapter into the mast, then put the rotor adapter bolt through the hole in the mast and the adapter and tighten the nut.  Insert the 50mm bottom diameter adapter segment into the rotator clamp set.

The rotator then needs a counterforce on the bottom.  Use the rotator mounting bolt holes on the bottom to bolt to a stationary object to keep the rotator in place.  Ideas include a rotator shelf for Rohn 25 tower bolted to 4x4 wood or mounted in concrete.  If you need assistance with ideas how to accomplish this, contact us.

Material: Aluminum and rubber
Bolts & nuts: Stainless steel
outer diameter of the top tube: 75mm
outer diameter of the main tube: 50mm
length: 9 7/8" (250mm)
weight: 2 lb (0.9kg)