6mm polyester high strength guy rope 164 ft (50m)

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High quality polyester rope for guying our aluminum telescoping masts.

Diameter: 1/4" (6mm)
Breaking strength: 1200 lbs (550kg)
Material: Braided polyester, low stretch, UV resistant
Color: White
roll contains 164 feet (50m)

For guying the 33ft masts 3 or 4 directions you will need 2 rolls

For guying the 41ft mast 3 directions, 2 rolls.  4 directions, 3 rolls.

For guying the 47ft and 49ft masts 3 directions, 3 rolls.  4 directions, 4 rolls.

For guying the 60ft masts 3 directions, 5 rolls.  4 directions, 6 rolls.

Click here to see the guy placement and dimensions for individual masts (metric)