QUADPOD base 4 leg aluminum stand SMALL for 33ft portable/41 ft masts

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The small quadpod is used for the 33ft / 10m portable and 41ft /12.5m aluminum telescopic masts.

Thumb screw inside the side of the the center circular opening in the quadpod can be used to pin the mast so it will not turn, or leave open for turning mast by hand or using a rotator at the base.

If use of rotator is desired, rotator struts are available that attach both to the 4 legs of the quadpod and to the mounting holes on the bottom of the rotator. Alternatively, as with other installations without a quadpod used, some kind of ground counterforce to mount the rotator to can be used in place of the quadpod struts. With no rotator, use the baseplate at the base of the aluminum mast.

All 4 legs are individually adjustable to level out uneven terrain (cannot use rotator struts on uneven terrain).   At only 9 lbs. weight it can easily be carried on a DXpedition.

The quadpod can be folded away to a small packaging length of 39 inches. 

Typically the quadpod is used for portable rather than permanent installations.  It allows some extra base stability and an easy ready-made way to attach a rotator to the mast and can be helpful when manpower is limited for installation of the mast and antenna. 

Quadpod with rotator struts installed pictures are at the bottom of the page (struts are sold as a separate item).

Some notes on overall portable mast installation with the quadpod and limited manpower or installing this system alone:

  • First, the quadpod helps a lot to keep the mast upright as long as the guy lines are not pulled tight.
    After you have extended the mast to a height of 20 ft or more the tripod will not help much for base stability any longer.
  • When the mast arrives at that height, pull the guy lines, but not really tight.  Leave some slack in the lines. Then push the mast up another 2-3 ft or so, until the guy lines are fully stretched.
  • Then walk around and loosen them up a little bit again, so there is again enough slack in the lines to push the mast up another 2-3 ft or so.
  • Repeat these steps until the antenna is at full height.  That goes faster than you might think.
  • Generally speaking, try to keep the mast as vertical as possible.  Otherwise the telescopic parts may seize and become difficult to extend.
  • Take the antenna down the same way, step-by-step.

We are always able to answer installation questions as each install can be somewhat unique. 

  aluminum quadpod with 1.2m legs

suitable for following masts               33ft /10m portable and 41ft / 12.5m
center hole diameter                         2 29/32" (74mm)

number of legs                                   4

leg length adjusting range                  39-47" (1-1.2m)

transportation length                         3ft 10" (120cm)

weight                                                9 lbs (4 kg)

material                                              high quality anodized aluminum