60ft / 18m telescopic aluminum mast

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OUT OF STOCK - estimated ship date August 19, 2024. 

60ft aluminum mast.  Designed for permanent installations.  Still lightweight enough to be used for Field Day or similar portable operations but also suitable for permanent installations.  For a more heavy-duty mast at a similar height see the information on our 47ft / 14.5m HD aluminum mast.  If you need 60 ft of height with a maximum load of 13 pounds, this is the corect mast.

The individual sections are interlocked with strong high quality stainless steel clamps with 8mm allen screws.  An 8mm allen wrench is supplied with the mast and no further tools are necessary.  The mast should be guyed at four levels.  For quick portable use, we also sell a knob screw kit.  The knobs install in place of the 8mm allen bolts on the clamps and allow the mast to be quickly taken up or down.  Knobs are not suitable for permanent installations.

The mast can be rotated by hand or a light duty rotator like Yaesu G-450 can be placed at the bottom to turn the whole mast. 

Guy hardware allows the mast to be guyed in 3 or 4 directions.  Slip-ring guy hardware allows the mast to rotate inside the guy hardware.  Rotor adapters (80/50mm) are available as the base of the mast is too large to fit any commercial Amateur Radio rotator clamp opening directly.  Turn the entire mast and antenna from a base mounted rotor.

Antenna can be mounted directly to the mast or with optional 35mm standpipe that fits onto the top of the top section of the mast.

Click here for graphic representation of guying for the 60ft mast

Click here to see the guy placement and dimensions for individual masts (metric)

60 ft /18m high aluminum telescopic push-up mast

fully extracted length (height)60ft (18m)
transportation length
6ft 7" (2m)


40lbs (18kg)
bottom diameter
3 1/8" (80mm)
top diameter
1 1/6" (30mm)
wall thickness
1/12" (2mm)
number of segments
pole material
high quality anodized aluminum withstrong interlock clamps made from stainless steel

maximum usable heights

up to 13 lb antenna load

extend mast to full height of 60ft(18m)

up to 26 lb antenna load

extend mast to maximum height 46ft (14m)