INRAD has supplied aftermarket and OEM crystal filters for Amateur Radio transceivers and shortwave radio receivers with more than 250 different models available for equipment dating from the 1950's to the present day since our beginning offering Yaesu filters as Fox-Tango International way back in the 1970's. 

INRAD was the OEM roofing filter supplier for the popular Elecraft K3/K3S series of HF transceivers. 

In the 21st century, INRAD has evolved from only a filter company into a general supplier and manufacturer of various goods for the active Amateur Radio operator. 

The new INRAD W1 headset is innovative, comfortable, and sounds great on both receive and transmit audio.  Thousands sold worldwide!

The INRAD Desk Microphone System page displays our complete line of desk microphones. 

The INRAD microphones, cables, and accessories page is for purchasing individual components of the Desk Microphone System.  Microphones, the DMS-1 base, cables, adapters.

The INRAD coaxial cable page features our own made in USA quality brand of RG8X and RG-213/U cables for Amateur Radio offered at a competitive price. 

NEW!  INRAD Antenna Disconnect Actuators.  Automatically ground your antenna, disconnected from the station every time you turn the DC power supply off.  Never forget to take the cables loose - do it automatically.

If you are looking for the INRAD line of crystal and mechanical filters and transceiver modification kits, visit our secondary INRAD site at