RACER SERIES - Standard, Standard Blue, Deluxe, Square Brass, Chrome Classic Triangle. The Racer Series of iambic paddles use movable magnetic tensioning for a lighter touch than our traditional standard spring-loaded iambic paddles. Magnets in holders behind each paddle arm can be pulled in and out by hand for a lighter or "snappier" touch according to the operator's taste. The Standard and Deluxe models feature a USA-forged cold rolled steel base powdercoated or chromed, Square Brass model is a lacquered brass top inside a lacquered oak wood base. Each Racer Series paddle is equipped with a stereo cable as standard equipment; no additional cable to purchase and add. 

Square Racer Standard

Square Racer Standard BLUE

Square Racer Deluxe

Chrome Classic Triangle


Brass Square Racer

Brass Square Racer Dustcover