GHD Keys

Key manufacturer GHD builds high quality paddles and straight keys in Sendai City, Japan.  Beautiful chrome finishing, aircraft quality bearings, gold and/or silver plated contacts.  High quality bearings provide frictionless trunion movement with zero side-play and are permanently lubricated.  Lifetime use with zero wear.  Great look, great mechanical performance.   

Iambic paddles:  The GN607F and GN607DXF are identical keys except on the DXF model the position of the springs and contacts are reversed to put the contacts further away from the finger pieces. 

The GN607DXF model puts the distance between the lever fulcrum and the contact and the lever fulcrum and the fingertip at about a 1:1 ratio.  As a result, the touch of the DXF model will be a little bit harder than the F model.  Consider a car analogy.  The GN607F is a light easy to drive model and the GN607DXF is a sports car with harder suspension and sharp steering. 

Comparable to Bencher iambic paddles which have a lighter touch (like GN607F), and our Vibroplex iambics that have a slightly more tight harder feel with the added side effect of more adjustment range (like GN607DXF).  These are strictly personal preferences – one is not necessarily “better” than the other. 

GN507F and GN507DXF are the same mechanical movements as their GN607F and GN607DXF counterparts but the 507 series keys are built on a physically larger base than the 607’s. 

GHD GM702 palm-size travel iambic paddle features retractable finger pieces for compact size and to keep them from being damaged or broken in transit.  All metal construction instead of plastic makes this an ideal "travel kit" item.  Contact spacing and spring tension can be adjusted by unscrewing the top retraction knob and removing the paddle from inside the case.   Retracted size 3 inches x 1.5 inches, weight 5 ounces.

GHD GN807F is their entry level iambic paddle.  Less elaborate mechanical mechanism and smaller spring tension than the 507 or 607 series paddles.  Physically smaller base than the other models, silver plated contacts, uses the same 1:1 fulcrum to finger position ratio as the G507DXF and G607DXF paddles.  Black finger pieces.  At smaller size and lower weight than the 507 and 607 keys, also a good option for portable or traveling use.  Good all-purpose CW key.

New!  GHD GN205S single lever paddle featuring a light touch for sending code.  Similar in feel to the GN507F iambic paddle.

Straight keys:  The GHD GT501A is perhaps the finest straight key ever created for Amateur Radio.  Large, heavy, top-notch no-expense-spared mechanical construction. Micrometer for contact gap adjustment, machined ceramic contact insert, aircraft quality bearings, contact spacing 1/100mm, extremely smooth spacing adjustment, no rebound shock.  Massive lever arm includes two holes for alternate positioning of the key knob.  Positive reinforced silky smooth lever action – it just doesn’t get any better than this one.

The GHD GT705A is the standard straight key model.  Relatively small size at 2 inches x 4 inches (50mm x 100mm) and weight of only 1 lb 5 ounces make this an easy key to use either at home on the desk or pocket it for portable use.  Precision ball bearings on the movement, silver plated contacts, wide range of spring pressure adjustment and spacing available – this key can be spaced very close for a light touch if desired or open it up for a big clacky straight key feel. 

New!  GHD GN209FA full automatic "bug", GHD GN207BK semi-automatic "bug" and GF502A "cootie" sideswiper keys.  See individual items for more details.


Palm-size travel paddle


Single lever paddle


Classic Iambic Paddle


Classic iambic paddle "DX"


Large base iambic paddle


Large base iambic paddle "DX"


Entry-level iambic paddle


"Cootie" sideswiper


Finest straight key


GHD Straight Key


Semi-auto "bug"

GHD GN209FA fully-automatic bug

3 wire cable - 1/4 inch connector

3 wire cable - 3.5mm connector