Check this page for the newest information on our full line of Amateur Radio products at Vibroplex!

New - Microphones, microphones, and microphones.  INRAD introduces our new line of microphones for Amateur Radio use at the 2017 Dayton Hamvention.  Microphones for every use, desk stand, adapters, cables, hand- and footswitches.  See and purchase them for the first time in building #1, booths 1607-1609 on May 19-21.  We will also be exhibiting this great new line at HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen July 14-16.  Boom mic headsets and communications headphones to follow in the near future.  Come have a look!  Click the INRAD link above.

New - The INRAD model RX7300 (click text for direct link) allows you to add a receive-only antenna jack to the Icom IC-7300.  This easy to install plug-in modification requires no soldering and is easily installed and easily reversible.  The RX7300 can also be used for the insertion of accessory items into the receiver chain on the IC-7300 like receive-only bandpass filters, low noise preamps, etc.  When installed, transceiver will transceive using the SO-239 connector on transmit, and one RCA phono jack on receive.  To use the transceiver in normal transceive operation, leave the RG-174 coax loop installed. $39.95.  In stock now.


New - Vibroplex is taking over USA and Canada distribution of the 4O3A Signature equipment line effective January 23, 2017.   Equipment will be shipping in February.  Press release posted to the 4O3A Signature Products page of our website.


New - YouKits has released two new products already in 2017. 
EK1C 3 band QRP CW transceiver for 20, 30, 40 meters.  $189.  Sold assembled only. 
SK1A 40m single band QRP SSB/CW transceiver $189.  We expect these to arrive in early February.


New - STICKYPADDLE reusable leather grain pad for keeping your CW paddle stuck to the desk in one place and not moving anywhere!   Washable / reusable / moveable, non-adhesive, non-magnetic. Only $7 plus shipping!


NEW - Vibroplex is now the exclusive USA and Canada distributor for Easy-Rotor-Control products, for USB point and click rotation control of most popular Ham Radio rotators.  Use stand-alone with your shack PC or interface via popular transceiver and logging programs.  In stock now! 


New - Tennessee red oak wood rig stands with a satin lacquer finish by WD0BGS for the YouKits HB1B CW transceivers.  $39.  See the YouKits HB1B page for pictures and details.