Check this page for the newest information on our full line of Amateur Radio products at Vibroplex®!

New:  the ALLBAND-KW is a 1 kW ICAS end fed half wave antenna for the 80-10 meter Amateur bands.  No tuner needed!  Robust construction, all stainless steel hardware and a great price of $169.95.  See the Par EndFedz® page for complete information and to read the manual.

New:  Vibroplex® has taken over ownership of the Par EndFedz® antenna line from LNR Precision.  Full length end-fed half wave dipole antennas.  Multi band and single band models.  Mount them horizontal, vertical, or as a sloper.  The best portable antennas in ham radio - also great for fixed station use. 

New:  the MAT-TUNER automatic antenna tuner product line is now available and being distributed by Vibroplex®/INRAD® in the United States and Canada.  Top quality physical and electronic construction, excellent performance, 2 year parts and labor warranty.  Competitively priced with lots of great features.  Click on the MAT-TUNER link above to see what's available.  In stock and shipping now. 

New:  The INRAD® DCA antenna disconnect actuator is now available in a 2 radio, 2 antenna version.  Click the INRAD® page on this site for complete information.  The DCA prevents static discharge, surges, and lightning-strike effects from damaging your radio and associated equipment.  Installed at the output of the transceiver, amp, or tuner in line with the antenna.  Plug the DC cable into +12VDC (ideally from the transceiver). When transceiver power is on and +12VDC is present. the antenna is automatically connected. When DC is off, the antenna's signal and ground are shorted together and grounded, and both are disconnected from the radio. 

NEW - Vibroplex® is now the exclusive USA and Canada distributor for Easy-Rotor-Control products, for USB point and click rotation control of most popular Ham Radio rotators.  Use stand-alone with your shack PC or interface via popular transceiver and logging programs.  In stock now! 

New - INRAD® has been named official exclusive desk microphone supplier for FlexRadio.  INRAD® microphone products are also available direct from the FlexRadio website.  We look forward to a great future relationship with this fine organization!

New - INRAD® introduced the new model W1 headset at the 2018 Dayton Hamvention.  Great comfort, great features, great price.  $179.  Information is now posted.  Pre-orders are being taken now for August shipment. 

New - INRAD® introduced our new line of microphones for Amateur Radio use at the 2017 Dayton Hamvention and has now received a superb review of the M629 and M628 mics and our new PTT desk stand in the January 2018 issue of QST magazine.  Microphones for every use, desk stands, adapters, cables, hand- and footswitches.  Boom mic headsets and communications headphones and more accessories to follow in the near future.  Come have a look!