What's New and Special Offers

Check this page for the newest information on the Vibroplex webpage and sales and specials information!

New - STICKYPADDLE reusable leather grain pad for keeping your CW paddle stuck to the desk in one place and not moving anywhere!   Washable / reusable / moveable, non-adhesive, non-magnetic. 

Only $7 plus shipping!   Go to VIBROPLEX Products tab at left, then Accessories


NEW - Vibroplex is now the exclusive USA and Canada distributor for Easy-Rotor-Control products, for USB point and click rotation control of most popular Amateur Radio rotators.  Use stand-alone with your shack PC or interface via popular transceiver and logging programs.  In stock now!   Fall sale - all ERC products are $10 off the regular retail price. 

New - Tennessee red oak wood rig stands with a satin lacquer finish by WD0BGS for the YouKits HB1B CW transceivers.  $39.  See the YouKits HB1B page for pictures and details.

The Vibroplex triple keys are now discontinued.  We have 3 units left, 2 are hamfest demos at $399 each, 1 is the last new unit on the shelf discount priced at $599.   The regular retail price for this item was $799.  See the USED AND DEMO items under the VIBROPLEX Products tab at left for more information.