USED and DEMO keys

Most of our used keys are bugs or paddles that have been lightly cleaned, missing parts installed if necessary (or available), rusted or excessively corroded items removed or replaced, readjusted and checked to assure proper operation. Used keys do not always have all parts correct for the era of the key, or have been extensively cleaned up, restored, rehabilitated. Examples would be units that we obtain with broken finger pieces, missing weights, missing other parts etc., that we have replaced or installed.

Some used keys are listed as "unrestored." These are used keys that are generally sold for $100 or less that we have done no labor on other than minor cleaning and doing an air check with an HF transceiver to assure it is working and ready to be used.

Photos are available for any used or demo item on request by email.

We sell used keys on 15 day approval. If you are not happy with the used key you bought, contact us within 15 days of receipt and on return of the item will credit you back 100% of the purchase price when the key is received at Vibroplex, less the shipping charge you were invoiced to send it out. We also offer a 90 day trade back period at full value toward new keys. If you bought a used key direct from us and decide you wanted a brand new one instead, we will credit you the full purchase price back towards the purchase of your new one within a 90 day period.

We buy, sell, and trade used Vibroplex keys. Contact us or (865) 309-5073.  We do not have on-line ordering for used items as they can often sell quickly - please call us or email us to assure the item is still available.


Last update to list below was on September 7, 2017.


BENCHER BY-1 iambic paddle.  New, never sold.  Has a saw mark from steel cutting on the right side edge of the base (not top). Covered by powdercoating, but is visible as a defect.  $125 plus shipping.

BLUE RACER BUG, SN 197916, New York, NY 1957.  Original low-profile Blue Racer version.  Classic gray base.  A few paint chips missing, mostly on left side edge.  Smooth keying action.  This key is fast, runs about 25 WPM on the low end with 2 stock small weights installed.  We don't see many of these come in used.  $150 plus shipping.

CHAMPION BUG, SN 381049, New York, NY 1976.  Good looking key, classic gray base, only a couple of small marks on base, chrome parts look good.  There is an extra hole that has been drilled through the base by a previous owner.  This was occasionally done to secure the key to a table with a bolt and nut when used shipboard or for a commercial purpose.  $100 plus shipping.

CODE WARRIOR JR. Iambic paddle.  Used.  Black base.  Some misc nicks and marks, overall nice condition.  $80 plus shipping.

LIGHTNING BUG, DELUXE, SN 192084, New York, NY 1956.  Used.  Chrome base, deluxe jeweled movement.  Has some misc scratches on base, minor pitting, overall looks good for the age,  $140 plus shipping.

ORIGINAL DELUXE BUG, SN 170561, New York, NY 1951.  Used.  Chrome base, deluxe jeweled movement.  Has some misc scratches on base, no rusting or pitting.  Key is a little faster than some, runs about 20 WPM on the low end.  $140 plus shipping.

ORIGINAL STANDARD BUG, SN 139192, New York, NY 1945.  Used.  Classic grey base.  Base looks good, has two small rusts spot on the edges (not top).  Brass colored aluminum serial number plate, brass top has flaked a little to show the aluminum underneath.  Red finger pieces and red circuit closer knob - black was stock color, someone changed them.  2 small weights and 1 medium one.  Key is a little faster than some, runs about 20 WPM on the low end.  $110 plus shipping. 

ORIGINAL STANDARD BUG, SN 407028.  2017 new production.  Has a paint defect at right rear top of base.  The powdercoating built up slightly to make a "line" that looks like a raised up scratch on the back of the base about 1/2 inch long.  Discounted price $150 plus shipping.  This key comes with a 1 year warranty as if new. 

WEDGE CABLE.  This was the commercial wedge cable used with the bugs to be inserted under the contacts of a station straight key to allow the bug owner to "clip in" without changing any wiring.  Black cloth wiring.  $20 plus shipping.