Spiderbeam®, made in Germany, offers three product lines for Amateur Radio and professional applications.

Collapsible fiberglass support poles in 23, 33, 40, 60, 72, and 85 ft sizes.  23 and 33 ft sizes are mini poles that can fit in a suitcase and travel anywhere with you.  40-85 ft are suitable for temporary or permanent installation of wire and other lightweight antennas.  Wire verticals, inverted V's, end fed half wave supports, inverted L, many uses.  Spiderbeam® is the most widely used fiberglass pole in ham radio with thousands in use since 2004.

Collapsible aluminum masts in 33, 41, 47, 49, and 60 ft sizes.  Made for permanent installation to carry antenna payloads of up to 26 lb depending on size and configuration of mast.  Complete line of accessories including slip-ring guy hardware (allowing masts and antennas to be rotated from ground level), rotator adapters, base mounting plates.

Spiderbeam® offers a complete line of portable and heavy duty wire multi-element yagis for temporary or permanent installation.

Spiderbeam® yagis feature full-size elements with individual driven elements for each HF band (fed from single feedline) for monobander-level performance. This is not a compromised element antenna like the hexagon or "hex" beam, which uses only 2 elements per band bent into a C or M shape:

  • 3 full-size elements on 20m
  • 3 full-size elements on 15m
  • 4 full-size elements on 10m 

Visit the yagi information page for complete information on both portable and heavy duty versions for either 3 or 5 band coverage.