Link: Bencher Hex iambic paddle

Bencher Hex iambic paddle.   This unique design is classic Bencher - attractive to the eye and a perfect match for the fingers of the proficient CW operator.  Fully iambic, this innovative design utilizes magnets for tensioning and some expensive European designs allows separate individual tensioning adjustment for the dash and dot contacts.

Robust - and heavy.  Weighing in at more than 3 pounds (1.4 kg) the components throughout are tough and sturdy, built to last.  This doesn't mean you give up the feather light responsiveness and tactile feedback that Bencher paddles are famous for.  Gold plated silver contacts used on lever arms and contact posts. 

Whether learning CW or at the top of your form - a superb piece of equipment. 


Powder coated steel base, chrome plated brass and aluminum top parts.

Tensioning by individual magnets.

Fully adjustable spacing using the Bencher split lock post design.

Weight 3 lb, 2 oz.  (1.4 kg). 

Base width 3 7/8" (98 mm).

Overall length including arms and finger pieces 5 1/8" (130 mm).

Height 2 3/8" (60 mm)

Adjustment tool included, mounted in holder beneath base.   




Bencher HEX iambic paddle

Bencher HEX iambic paddle

Bencher EZ-1 Universal Hook-Up Kit

Universal connection kit from Bencher keys to your HF radio.  No soldering.  Includes 1/4" and 3.5mm stereo plugs on transceiver end.