Link: YouKits FG-01 and FG-01A Antenna Analyzers

The YouKits FG-01 and FG-01A antenna analyzers are famous for their portable size and utility! 

FG-01 $259 / $199 FG-01A

FG-01 analyzer, 1-72 MHz, $259

FG-01A analyzer, 1-35 MHz, $199



YouKits FG-01A Antenna Analyzer 1-35 MHz

FG-01A, including rechargeable lithium battery pack.  

YouKits FG-01 Antenna Analyzer 1-72 MHz

FG-01, including rechargeable lithium battery pack. 

BNC to SO-239 adapter

BNC male to SO-239 female adapter.  For conversion to coax cables using standard male PL-259 connectors.  Order quantity 2 for DP-1, quantity 1 for all other YouKits products.