Link: YouKits EK1A 2 band QRP CW transceiver

The YouKits EK1A is a 2 band QRP CW transceiver for the 40m and 20m bands.  The EK1A is only sold in kit form.

The ARRL Product Review for the EK1A appears on page 57 of the June 2015 issue of QST.  From the review:   "The receiver performance is very good overall.   The EK1A's lowest dynamic range at 2 kHz [spacing] is 80 dB (third-order dynamic range), better than some much more expensive transceivers we have tested.   Reciprocal mixing dynamic range is excellent."

Vibroplex commentary by W4PA:  To put this in perspective, comparing ARRL Lab numbers only, this is receiver performance on 20m and 40m a little better than most low end and mid-range Japanese HF transceivers available today.  




YouKits EK1A 2 band QRP CW transceiver kit


BNC to SO-239 adapter

BNC male to SO-239 female adapter.  For conversion to coax cables using standard male PL-259 connectors.  Order quantity 2 for DP-1, quantity 1 for all other YouKits products.