Link: YouKits MT-1 long wire QRP antenna tuner

The YouKits MT-1 is a manual long wire QRP antenna tuner that will handle up to 10 watts output power.  Basic L network tuner with multi-tap inductor and a single variable capacitor.  

  • L network antenna tuner for high impedance loads like long wire antennas.  
  • Useable 7-28 MHz.  Max impedance matching at 7-10 MHz, 2000 ohms, 10-28 MHz, 3000 ohms.
  • Can be feedpoint mounted or used as standard long wire tuner with counterpoise. 
  • 10 watts power handling capability.
  • SWR and power metering.
  • Available as a kit or factory assembled.
  • No external power needed.
  • QST Product Review, July 2015 (available on ARRL website to ARRL members)

$69 kit / $89 assembled




YouKits MT-1 long wire QRP antenna tuner KIT

YouKits MT-1 tuner KIT. 

YouKits MT-1 long wire QRP antenna tuner ASSEMBLED

YouKits MT-1 tuner ASSEMBLED.  Out of stock.

BNC to SO-239 adapter

BNC male to SO-239 female adapter.  For conversion to coax cables using standard male PL-259 connectors.  Order quantity 2 for DP-1, quantity 1 for all other YouKits products.