YOUKITS Products

Vibroplex is pleased to be the exclusive U.S. distributor for the entire YouKits product line.  

We are stocking all items at our Knoxville, TN office for quick shipping to U.S. addresses.  Lower shipping cost, lower risk, and faster delivery time than having them sent direct from the Far East to you.  

The YouKits product line consists of:

  • DP-1 Digital QRP power and SWR meter (assembled)
  • MT-1 QRP antenna tuner (assembled and kit)
  • HB1A mark 2 20/40 meter QRP CW transceiver (assembled)
  • HB1B mark 3 15/20/30/40 meter QRP CW transceiver (assembled)
  • EK1A 20/40 meter QRP CW transceiver (kit)
  • FG-01 1-72 MHz graphic antenna analyzer (assembled)
  • FG-01A 1-35 MHz graphic antenna analyzer (assembled)
  • TJ5A 40/20/15/10 meter QRP SSB/CW transceiver (assembled)
  • TJ2B 40/20/17 meter handheld SSB/CW transceiver (assembled)

Click links at the top of this page for individual product information and to place an order.   Youkits has an active public Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/youkits/