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Kool-Amp Fan 

This quiet fan sits above the power amplifier’s tube vent to provide additional cooling and extend overall tube life. It is ideal for amplifiers when transmitting RTTY, PSK31, SSTV and all digital modes, especially in hot climates.   The fan plugs into your station’s 13.8 volt DC power supply.  It can be switched ON, OFF, or AUTO.  In AUTO, a thermal switch turns the fan ON when the tubes exhaust temperature is more than 105F/41C degrees.

Specifications:  Fan diameter, 5 inches.  12-15 Vdc operation @300 ma current draw average, Anderson Powerpole connectors stock.  Vertical upward airflow.  Noise 70 dB SPL, weight 17 oz. (0.48 kg).  $54.95

EZ Meter II DC Volt-Amp Meter

A great way to monitor all your 13.8 volt DC equipment in the shack or the field.  Digital meter displays voltage up to 20 volts and current to 40 amperes on an LCD screen.  Just place it in-line with DC powered devices.  Resolution is to four places with an accuracy of 1 percent.  Low insertion current draw ideal for portable/QRP operation too!  The pushbutton turns on the display’s backlight.  Current is measured on the positive lead, thereby enabling correct readings in automobile installations that use the chassis for ground.  The meter uses Powerpole connectors, is RF filtered and housed in a sturdy metal case. 

Specifications:  4-20 volts DC, current up to 40 amps.  0.5 second averaging for update.  Current sense resistor, 0.005 ohms.  LED indicator for instant voltage feedback, LCD digital meter.  Current draw 5 ma, 60 ma with backlight operable.   $97.95

EZ Power Strip 8

This is a 40 ampere power strip with many sought after features.  The ‘horizontal” design permits easy fan-out from the eight fused Powerpole outputs.  Voltage and current are displayed on the backlit LCD digital meter.  ON-OFF-AUTO power switch.  In AUTO the power is automatically turned off if the input voltage is too low, saving batteries and equipment from damage.   Fuse blown?  An LED lights up behind it to indicate replacement needed.  Tri-color LED shows high, correct, or low operating voltage.  The Output Add-On Powerpole can connect to an EZ Power Strip 5 to add additional outputs.

Specifications:  Nominal voltage 13.8 VDC, maximum 15 VDC, 40 amps max current.  LCD digital metering up to 20.00 volts, and up to 40.00 amperes.  Backlight switch.  In AUTO mode, low voltage turn-off at 10.5 VDC, turn-on is 12.8 VDC.  Yellow LED indicates “tripped off”.  Pass FET 60 amps.  Fuses 1 40A, 3 25A, 2 10A, 1 5A, 2 1A, Powerpole connectors.  $179.95




EZ Power Strip 5

Power the station, charge cellphone or other USB powered devices.   40 ampere power strip.  Ideal for mobile and in go-boxes or inside the shack.   Horizontal design permits easy fan out from four fused Powerpole outputs.  The USB connector provides 5 volts output to charge cell phones and other USB powered devices.  Fuse blown?  An LED lights up behind it to indicate replacement needed.  EZ Power Strip 5 also plugs directly into the EZ Power Strip 8 Output add-on connector, for a total of 13 outputs.

Specifications:  Nominal voltage 13.8 VDC, maximum 15 VDC, 40 amps max current.  Fuses:  1 40A, 2 25A, 1 10A, 1 1A.  Powerpole connectors.  $79.95




This is a 13.8 volt battery back-up system/UPS for powering your radio station, “go-box”, or RV.   Output up to 40 amperes.  Connect both your 13.8 VDC power supply powered from AC mains and a 13.8 VDC battery.  If AC power is lost, the FET gate automatically switches from the power supply to the battery, instantaneously.  Small built-in charger keeps the battery fresh.  Solidly built on a heavy-duty heatsink with Powerpole connectors.

Specifications:  Power Supply Voltage, 13.8 - 14.0 volts.   Battery “12volt” gel cell, or AGM type lead-acid batteries, any amp-hour rating.  40 amperes max output.  Diodes, 2x 80 amp Schottky, IRF 80CPQ030, drop 0.3 volts @10 amps.  Schottky diode charger with 3 ohm 10W resistor.  5.25 x 2.75 x 1.0 in., Powerpoles prodrude 0.5 in.  Weight: 9.5 oz.  $79.95


80 Amp UPS DC-Gate and Charger

13.8 volt high-power battery back-up system for powering your station, repeater, or other equipment.  It can supply up to 80 amperes from either the power supply or battery.  Connect both your 13.8 VDC power supply powered from AC mains and 13.8 VDC battery.   If AC power is lost, unit instantaneously switches from the power supply to the battery.   Built-in four stage 10-20 amp battery charger to rapidly restore the battery following a power outage.  Charge current, and voltage, is displayed on the LCD digital meter.  Quarter inch brass studs assure robust electrical connections.

Specifications:  Power Supply Voltage, 13.8 - 15.0 volts.  Battery “12volt” GEL, or AGM type lead-acid batteries, any amp-hour rating.   80 amperes max output.  120 amp Schottky dual diode, Ixys DDSS2X-121, drop 0.3 volts @10A.  Charger 40A FET controlled by UC3904 lead-acid battery charging IC.  Charge current no use 10 amps, fuse in 20 amps maximum (fuse is only a jumper).  Charger LED's indicate green bulk charge, yellow float charge, red absorption charge cycle.   $189.95


PARADAN Kool-Amp Fan

EZ Meter II DC Digital Volt-Amp Meter

EZ Power Strip 8

EZ Power Strip 5


80 Amp UPS DC Gate